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6 pages of dust (page 2)

...I take long, extremely hot showers. its the only time I can safely close my eyes. the only time I feel truelly alone...
I walk a lot. even when I had a licsense and a car, I walked for miles. I'd listen to music to forget. I went insane without music... Time will slow, even stop around me. everyone and everything but me. then, Violently rush back to the present as if nothing had happened. Voices of myself that no one could hear. hating, angry, sad, utterly destructive things,(-edited out quotes-)... I hated to hear the truth, but I know it is. so I escaped in music. but I could never escape from her voice... I think she's my Angel sent to await my death. so she can bind my soul to this corpse forever...

these pages of my life are distant as well as recent and are things I felt at the time they were written... stay tuned for installment #3!!! coming soon!!!
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