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Why is life such a bitch??

Well Im new my name's Bon and well I hate my life. I don't wish to die or kill anyone I just hate it... im living a lie and well I have to say so is everyone around me. I want my parents to be happy and I want to have so peace in my life... it just won't happen. My dad died when I was 3 months old and my mom married my step dad who's great and well I'll tell you he understands me more than my own mother.Let me start from the beginning.

Alright well it was a few weekends ago and it still hurts, my mom and dad had ben fighting about my step-sister and college and well my mom didn't want to pay the full tuition she figured my step-sister's mom could pay for some of it ( I agree) well then she stared yelling about how my dad never loved and how she worked for other people's ids. I hate that she said he didn't love her because that jsut means she doesn't see it. Well anyways she got her purse and said she was leaving and told me she would come visit me "SHE LEFT ME!" I was so upset I couldn't breath and wellshe didn't come back for an hour. I stayed in the basement and listened to them scream at each other (they never fight) I can't stand a divorce I can't stand to go through another move and well my mom sh.. she left me I mean does she even love me? what did I do? I just want them to be happy I want her to apoplgize is that wrong?

Please someone give me some advice!

Am I wrong?

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